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AMPS: Past Seminar Series

Past Seminar Series

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2009 Seminar Series

Using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation rTMS to examine differences in the neural processing of language and music production
Speaker : Rebecca Sussex
Date :31st Jul
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There has long been debate about the nature of the relationship between music and language. Recent studies of patients with brain damage suggest that singing and speaking may be processed differently in the brain. It still unclear which components of singing and speaking might have shared processing in the brain and which might be separate. The current study looked at one component of singing and speaking: how the notes and words that are being produced are retrieved from long-term memory. This talk will consist of the final results of a Masters project that used transcranial magnetic stimulation (a safe technique used to briefly disrupt brain activity in small areas) to gain a better understanding of the parts of the brain that are essential to the retrieval of language and music content from memory. Both traditional qualitative and newly developed quantitative methods of examining auditory production data willl be presented.